The Best Way to Play Pocket Pairs

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The Best Way to Play Pocket Pairs

The Best Way to Play Pocket Pairs

Pocket pairs are without a doubt are the greatest starting cards, and that is why they are also the hardest single dealt hands to win. How do you play them? Well, we will try and explain the details as best we can, although, we are going to tell you the worst possible way and why.

With pocket pairs, you generally hold two cards of the same rank or face cards (little) aces, kings, queens, jacks, tens and nines. Now, while your pocket pairs may be lower than your starting hand, since you are forced to hit these cards on the flop, if you hold them they are still very strong.

Why? Because you have the option of slow-playing them and letting other players get betting in front of you. When you slow-play your pocket pairs it’s gives you more chances to have more betting action going your way on the flop, turn and river. How aggressive a player is, will really clear up how you should play each particular hand against them. But, for the most part, you should lead out with your pocket pairs.

You need to be playing them strong, and avoiding getting all your chips in with just your second best hand. Hitting trips and getting lucky is a great way to build your chip stack and score a big hand, but remember you don’t want a player to catch a two on the flop and play back at you.

If you have a lot of low cards on the flop, but there aren’t many high cards then get out pre-flop. And, if you have a lot of medium sized cards that are close together, pick up the blinds. Don’t get too aggressive in doing this, but just calling the blinds with your pairs of fours and fives is one of the best ways to win a poker tournament.

One of the secrets to three card poker is how to play when you have a lot of cards of the same suit. Very common is the situation of having a pair of eights, and being dealt a flop of fives. commonly you will have a hard time getting a bet of any size to call, you should raise out. The kicker is that usually if you have the best hand, you will be up against two high cards so it is often better to draw out for it.

In general, three card poker is a game of big cards, and getting them is important. The more cards of the same suit, the better. The principle stands true, that is why Aces are high, and Kings are high.

For the first few levels, the amount of hands you will win will be fairly close, as pretty much any card comes up. Just keep in mind that as the number of cards dealt to the table, the more likely it is for one of your cards to be the best card. So keeping track of the cards is important.

Increase your bet when you have the best hand, and decrease it when you don’t. This is the classic three card Dewavegas strategy.