How to Pick Winning Lotto Numbers

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How to Pick Winning Lotto Numbers

How to Pick Winning Lotto Numbers

I was dealing with a bankrupt couple who needed some advice on how to pick some winning lotto numbers. Actually, more like they needed someone to believe in them, because the truth is that although you can get some good numbers, you can still lose the majority of the time. But, there is nothing you can do if you are simply going to play the same numbers every week.

Then, I was asked to describe what I do to pick winning lotto numbers. For the last couple of years, I would use the services of talented individuals who have graduated from colleges of many years and are self-employed. Typically, you need to spend a little bit of money for basic operating systems, talent, champagne, the list is endless. And, if you want a true-blue winner, you better be willing to do what it takes to bring home the bacon – or at least be aware of what you are doing wrong.

My husband and I have been playing the lotto for 15 years. As a couple, we have gone through many days of almost financial desperation. Just the other day, as I was putting the kids to bed, I thought to myself, “this is ridiculous,” we play the same numbers every week. Even though we buy a new ticket for every draw, we rarely win. Just last week, we were in the middle of a heated debate about amongst which drawing we had more chances of winning, the 35 or the 45. Never once did we win any money, and probably for good reason.

But, through perseverance and management, we have come out ahead on the days we have won. Just the other day, we hit the big one. It occurred to me that although I wasn’t going to hit the big one today, I may be able to tomorrow. You have to plan for tomorrow.

Unfortunately, there are those in the world who believe that there is a pattern that can be followed to win big. Unfortunately, there are those that believe you can predict the winning numbers, and if you are willing to do what they will call the “gestest” act of all, you will follow their advice to “play the lotto the right way.” Oh, I agree, you could win, you have to give it a try, but until you prove to yourself that you can win without being blown away, in other words, you must be willing to lose, as no one is going to give you money as easily as they are going to part with theirs.

There are those in the world who believe that the lotto is “DewaGG” and that you can “spot” the numbers in the wheel, or that you can focus on the numbers that “sing” out, or that have “just” been “scratched.” Oh, I believe all of those kinds of roulette “permed” numbers are out there. But, there are just so many of them on the American table that it will take a miracle to win.

This is why I choose to play the European roulette wheel, and why I strongly suggest to anyone who can play European that they do the same. The odds here are much better for the even money betters. Believe me, the even money betters win more often than the worst betters, and the best betters win the most often. Ask any serious roulette player, and they’ll tell you that the European table offers better odds than the American table. (Some even think the European table is rigged.) But since they can’t all play at the same casino, and since some casinos are notorious for making the best bets, it’s easy to gravitate to the European table.