How to Increase the Chance of a Lottery Win

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How to Increase the Chance of a Lottery Win

Everyone wants to increase their chances of winning the lottery, if you will, however there is no guaranteed way to predict the winning numbers, unless you believe in the Law of Attraction. The thought of being able to pick numbers that will win you the lottery instantly appeals to a lot of people, but it is usually unmotivated. There are ways to increase the chance though, that you might want to try if you are looking for lottery winning tips.

Your best bet if you are looking for lottery tips is to purchase tickets from a ‘canvassing’ syndicate. These syndicates are actually ‘covert’ lottery syndicates, whichpast members know and teach how to apply certain techniques, with the specific lottery winning tips geared to that particular lottery draw. The canvassing syndicates also offer membership to their lottery syndicate systems, which can be bought as an add-on.

More and more people are joining up to find out how to win the lottery with the many lottery systems available. The more members you have in your canvassing syndicate, the greater the chances are for you to win the lotto. You can either live at the mercy of Lady Luck, buy a quick ticket using your life savings, or you can take the time to apply sophisticated mathematical methods to increasing your chances of winning.


There are quite a few lottery systems available on the market, from the over-the-top scam artist types, to the more serious and professional types. If you want to win the lotto you might as well find a system based on intelligent research instead of pure luck. Play less tickets. Sign up to a syndicate instead of buying one ticket on your own. You canRed Ticketability.

One of the most commonly advertised Lottery systems is the Red Ticketability system, sometimes known as theOpticalanalytical procedure. It is a step by step procedure for producing a list of numerical combinations, based on the Rules of a lottery game. It produced a pretty neat result, the last time I checked:

Expected Value

If you consider the mathematical formula for the Even Money lottery, you will find it works like this: On the first draw, your selection has anExpected Value (EV) of either +0.5 or +1.5, depending on whether you are the underdog or the favourite. You can also find a +1.5 version, if you wish.

The effective value of your system is the frequency of your draws. We have all heard of the even money lottery theory, that in a large group of 49 draws, the number of even numbers you will find is equal to the sample size, multiplied by the number of observations.

In practice, most lottery systems rely on an even money approach, because it is simply not possible to accurately select them in random. Selecting a single number in a linked lottery does not mean the number will be selected more often than not.

illion dollar lotto jackpot

Most people buy lotto tickets with the idea of winning a huge jackpot that will solve all their financial problems. But inevitably, the majority will have no idea how to win. Reducing the number of competitors leads to a better chance of winning, and the more numbers represented in your syndicate, the better your chances are of winning.

Use the techniques above to reduce the numbers of people you are competing with for the jackpot. When you act foolish, you are acting out aggressively, and boosting your chances of losing. When you take the time to think things through carefully, you are less likely to lose this opportunity.

There is an additional benefit from joining a syndicate and that is that you can have multiple winning tickets, and your chances of winning increase, hand in hand.

If you want to win the Fantasy 5 jackpot, you’ll need to work with a reputable lottery syndicate. Make sure they are keeping track of all of the combinations you have purchased, and that they keep a record of every purchased ticket.

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