How to Get into the World Series of Poker

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How to Get into the World Series of Poker

How to Get into the World Series of Poker

So, you want to get into the World Series of Poker, the poker tournament of all poker tournaments. Well, the traditional way is to be well known and successful enough in the poker world to be invited. Once you get invited however, you’ll learn that a lot of the weight of the invite is placed on the criteria handed down from the performers who had the first call.

For example, famous actor James Woods once asked Phil Hellmuth, former Hollywood star and three time World Series of Poker champion, to lunch at his Grill and Blues in order to discuss the competition.

Woods began his career as a card shark and studied the art of the trade in great detail. He informed me of the rigors of playing poker and what to take into consideration to improve his hand to match the community’s hand.

Since he was a well known Hollywood actor, roleplaying was part of his training. He was aware that what combination of cards would better the dealers hand, and as a result, he was trained to hesitate about his next move. Once he had seasoned his hand, and cutting edge his play, he knew the cards well and although he took the dealers word as his arbiter, he knew when to quiver.

James Woods also revealed that when he played poker with the wealthy and famous, he mastered their poker language and code of honor. These same people he confronted while playing the game and would later threaten them with tapes of their poker hands where he could study the reactions of the players to their cards.

For non poker players, it can be easy to misread the code of honor of the game and the bluster of the man. But if you’ll look closely, you’ll see that all of these notorious poker players in their homes, their staff, and their customers, are wearing identical outfits, a double chrome tie belt buck, and ankle links.

Leaving the subject of MPO500 code of honor, I want to discuss poker for a moment and why it is important not to believe what you read on trombonesnet or some internet poker room.

First of all, we have to name the devil. Baseball is not the only sport in which the players compete for the highest ground. The game of poker has its own Nine, the way the cards are valued. When you learn poker, you learn the game’s theory behind the game and you learn poker’s rigged nature. When you read about poker in books, you’ll often find speculation and NW (no limit) bets influence the outcome of the game more than you realize.

The progressive element of the game lends itself nicely to big hands, and the odds favor big hands available in the progressive. The idea of the progressive is that the pot keeps growing until you force a showdown.

The Tainted player exception

It is my opinion that the most dangerous of players are the select few in the world who acquire their money from gambling, or from poker bonus deals. They are the dangerous ones, and they are here already. I don’t know any of them. Once they are exposed, they can lose every penny they have, but they don’t care. After all, they’re risking nothing, so it’s not like it matters where they live or how they got started, if they are continuing to multiply their risk than the few who are lucky and win and attract the attention of the select few who are risking nothing.

If you want to be a losing player in the poker game, you can’t assume that things will always be like this. Even big hands don’t always win for you, and losing players exist. They can be a great source of dilemma to those learning to play poker, but if you can’t imagine how wonderful it can be to actually win at poker, then you need to read some books and watch some videos. Then you will truly understand how fun it is to finally get it!