Do you want to know the secret of trading tennis?

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Do you want to know the secret of trading tennis?

Do you want to know the secret of trading tennis

Tennis is a sport very easy to trade. You know the players inside and out, you have the most important stats in the game. That is why tennis is called tennis to the Brits and Soccer punters, not because it is a particularly easy game to learn or pick up on. Trading tennis means that you profit from the tons of money that are sent to punters from bookmakers each week.

Why Trade Tennis?

Why should you trade on tennis? As stated earlier, you have the most important stats in the game than any other sport, so you have a wealth of knowledge on players and nerves of steel. You know who the best players are, except possibly for maybe a few players who are the future of the game. At any one time, you can see if any player is playing well or badly, depending on the stats. So why trade on tennis when you can trade in other sports.

It is more rewarding to trade on tennis because if you know ahead of time how the odds will settle on a certain player, you have more chance of being on the right end of a possible price increase. With only ten players per player, there can often be horses falling in to place or you could find that a player is not performing as well as they could. This means that you can back that player at a higher price and guarantee yourself a profit. With no bookies to go to, you can often obtain a price on a tennis match that you think is excessive, then trade out the player to lower odds and guarantee your profit. In many cases you only need to trade out one player, but not many.

As a beginner to trading tennis, you will need to know exactly which odds you can find yourself. Not all the odds will fall within the same general region, so you will need to know the + and – figures. You need to know whether a player is a + or – favourite to win and how many other players are backing a particular price. The simplest way to do this is to find the best price, in decimals, for your chosen odds and then mirror those numbers. For example, you back a price of 1.90 and two other players think the price should be 2.10, then you would place an identical bet as you would with the original price. If you lose, only bet the price of 1.90 again, but this time use the shorthand price 2.10, shorthand being the minus sign – which is the second digit in a decimal price. In this case you are back $2.10 on the bet. If you win, you lose only the odds, not the full $89.

However, you don’t need to bet on just one player. You can backing a selection with the best odds and then laying off players as they lose. Each time you win, you win some money back, and then keep the rest for your next bet. You will only have to do this three or four times to make a significant profit.

While backing a tennis bet is easy, predicting the outcome of a match is difficult. You must predict the first few matches correctly and then keep a close eye on how the players and matches are changing. You don’t have to do all of this work, though. Using an odds comparison tool, such as the one included in the eBook “Betting to the Bolagila.” You can get the information right on your computer and then study the various odds offered to you. data is entered automatically, and you can then compare your predictions to the actual odds at that time.

The next time you place a tennis bet, especially on matches, don’t forget to do your research. Don’t expect to win each time, but if you know what you are doing, you will probably win more often than not.