How to Play Roulette and Become a Winner

How to Play Roulette and Become a Winner

The word brings to mind a variety of colors and the exciting spins of wheels. The thrill of placing your bets on the seemingly intricate table and the almost incomprehensible procedure of the game just keeps on attracting more and more players. Some may wonder on how to play roulette and win, whilst others are left flabbergasted by the exacting Set of procedures and The Roulette method presented in the book.

Given the fact that the probability of picking the winning digit is 1 is to 18,000,000, the fact shows that roulette is almost certainly a game of probability. Some people would opt for the safer and smaller income, whilst others would go for the higher odds and larger lump sum cash prizes. Whatever income level you are at, the roulette method can help you reduce the odds of you losing money and enable you to increase your odds of winning.

Given the fact that the majority of people are lukewarm to the idea of money management, the fact shows that finding a method to win is quite an achievement. Many try andFix the wheels in their home countries, unfortunately you will find that many of them will be trying to Cheat the lottery in order to claim those winnings.

Ensure that You are Winner

The best way to ensure that you are indeed a winner is to apply The Rules that the Learned Friends Use to Win at Roulette. This method is a simple card game that requires the players to predict the exact position of the red mushball on the colorful and brilliant table. Each ball has a different color and these balls are called as the “mush”. The players are actually joining each others bet, so the faster the players are correct, the more money they will win.

To play the game, each player first receives two colored plastic chips. These balls are called the “inside” and “outside” bets. Just adjacent to the red mushball are the “low” bets. This means that the player can bet low (a single number) or high (an entire line of numbers) within the limits of the table.

Also, one of the most important Roulette Rules is to Always remember that the game is not truly random, as the ball can be very predictable. The Needle Spider rule in Roulette explains that the winnings are given more frequently to the numbers that more often appear.

Please keep in mind that if the ball has landed on the red mush for several times, there are horses that may be ready to flop. Always look for the horses that have not dropped well, as they are the ones most likely to carry the ball further down the track.

Find Your Lucky Bet

As stated above, no roulette system can guarantee the winning of players, however, the smart Bola88 players can find some advantage in the game and make some money. If players want to get a true winner in roulette, they need to identify the red mush at every spin of the wheel.

The best way to do this is to have a players card, which tracks your betting. If the red mush shows up as your number, you win. Otherwise, you double your money and bet on the same number again. For example, you may bet on 14, 19, 33, and 35 using your card. If the ball lands on one of number you’ve bet on, you will win.

No matter how you play, the odds of winning are more in your favour when playing the right odds. Hence, if you play the table, you may increase your chances of winning by sticking to a few easy and sensible rules. These rules are more practical and will have a greater impact on your earnings.

The Blinds - How They Make Money in Texas Holdem

The Blinds – How They Make Money in Texas Holdem

Blinds are the two bets in poker that never change. They are called such because the two players to the left of the dealer put in bets which are referred to as blinds. Blinds are always the same, no matter how the game is changed. This is true for both limit and no limit poker. In no limit poker, you can put in a blind bet anytime you want, no limitations. In limit poker, you need to wait for the blinds to get a good amount before you bet out. Each round, the bets are limited to the amount of chips placed on the table.

Whenever, a game starts, the two players sitting left to the dealer post blinds or as they call it blind bets, the limit is posted by the player on the immediate left of the small blind, the big blind and the dealer. As the dealer changes, the blinds will move in a clockwise motion against the new limit, so by the time the first hand is played, the blinds will be posting a good amount.

Since the blinds and the limits are posted by the two players left to the dealer, not by the dealer, you can often position yourself in order to get to the best position for a particular hand. In doing so, you will get to play more hands per Catalogue Card, enabling you to see more cards and therefore more often. This is a great advantage you should have while playing online Texas Holdem. In a word, Catalogue is powerful.

The player left to the dealer posts the small blind and the player on his left posts the big blind. In a clockwise motion, the player under the gun (first to act) bets out and gets three cards. The player immediately left of the big blind bets out a similar amount, which is referred to as the small blind. The player left of the big blind then posts the big blind and the player under that big blind bets out.

This is the Catalogue, which although could be called somewhat differently, is really not that much different from the traditional stud poker that many players might be accustomed to playing on a casino table. This game essentially is a game of pieces. Rollers are the pieces used in the game. They are different from the pieces used in traditional poker, such as poker tables, war tables, gin rummy pieces, puzzles, and others. Rollers are small pieces consisting of an incomplete determination of numbers. On the other hand, the traditional poker table is a piece composed of wood planks covered by felt.

In online Dewabet, the Catalogue is the same. However, the player left of the dealer selects a small blind and a big blind, in that order. The rest of the players do not put in any money to the pot and they are not really involved in the play. The blinds are put in by the two players left of the dealer in the hope that they will double the age of the pot, which is relatively common in online Texas Holdem.

After the blinds are posted, the dealer will then place all the players by their blinds (most often at the beginning of the round, but it isn’t required) in the pot, meaning that no more players can put in any more money to the pot. This is usually done in the form of a small blind and a big blind, although other items of the equipment can be used, such as poker chips or in some cases, a cut card.

Players now are in what is known as the flop. Between now and the next card being dealt, several things can happen. The list of cards that can be seen are some of the different types of cards available. These include face cards, aces, eights, and others. Each of these card variations is another variation of the same basic principals. The card also Each of these card variations is another separate game in its own right.

The second round of betting follows soon after the flop. At this point, the players may decide to continue playing, fold, call, raise, or fold again. You can not play in a round where you already called in the previous round. The game rests for the completed turn.

The last card is then dealt in the middle of the table, face up. This is typically called the river card. This is followed by the third round of betting.

At the end of the game, the player with the highest ranking hand wins. The round ends for this round and the next with a new set of players. Players then audience the game with a third round of betting.

Omaha rules poker can be played with a standard deck of 52 cards, such as a deck of James Bond.

Live Roulette - Some Things Beginners Should Know About

Live Roulette – Some Things Beginners Should Know About

Roulette is a French word for small wheel. Depending of the version, European or American, it has 37 or 38 pockets and a small ball which needs to land on one of those pockets. This wheel and ball game is one of the most popular casino games wherever it may be, online or off it. This is also James Bond’s favourite game and has been featured in many Hollywood movies, which only increased its popularity in casinos all over the world.

That small ball must land on one of the pockets in the wheel. The roulette table is usually surrounded by one to six players who all want to try their luck with the wheel. The croupier is the one person who is considered the roulette dealer. He or she is the representative of the casino and is responsible for receiving the bets made by the players. The croupier is the only one who is not involved in the betting on the game.

The beginner players are advised that online or live roulette over the internet is a game which involves real money; however there are also sites where free games with fake money are played. They should never place big bets. They need to start by betting small up to 8 numbers which are found on the wheel. There will be champions and more experienced roulette players in the live roulette. They may place bigger bets and they will be seasoned enough to consider taking risks.

Beginners should not be in the habit of placing the same bet for consecutive games. Different rooms may offer different bets and playing tactics. Though it is the perfect game to unwind and have a relaxed atmosphere, still, it is still a form of gambling and the excitement of real money being put on the line is something that could make you feel excited and satisfied. For beginners, it is advisable to place smaller bets and slowly work on the winning strategy.

Live roulette is becoming very popular nowadays, as it is being played in different halls and casinos all over the world by different people. In these different events, the rules remain the same and the stakes are also as per usual. However, the biggest difference is that real money is not used in this game. The word ‘roulette’ in French means “a small wheel”. The French variant of roulette is the European roulette and this is the model of the game that is played in most of the casinos in the world. The American version of the roulette is the one played in the casinos, which has an added double zero number – the numbers 00 and 0, while the European roulette has only a single zero. Therefore, the French game has five zero slots than the American game, which has only two. The French game is played by using a single bet, whereas the American game is played by betting on two numbers.

Another difference between the French and the MPO777 roulette is that the French game allows players to bet on numbers, while the American roulette is limited to only odd numbers. This stems from the fact that the American roulette wheels have a double zero slot, which means that the house advantage is only found on even numbers. French roulette is therefore often referred to as a game of chance, whereas the American roulette is a game of a high house edge or house edge, which is often expressed as 5.26 percent or house edge.

Whatever is offered on the French Roulette game, the odds are normally stacked in favour of the house and players can find a few French Roulette Tips to help their winning chances. One of the best tips is to look for a single zero roulette, as this increases the winning chances, particularly for the even money bets. Whether you play online roulette or offline roulette, you should always follow the ‘law of probability’, which in the case of online roulette, whilst it is not physically possible to do otherwise, offers the greatest protection against any zero roulette bet. By betting on any number or on a range of numbers, you have a fifty per cent chance of winning. If you bet on just red or black, you have a independent fifty per cent chance of winning.

The other of a good roulette system is to monitor the roulette wheel. It is useful in that you can see which numbers are coming up. Although this is of no use in predicting the outcome of the game, you can use this to source out which numbers have not appeared in a while, which ones are the favourite numbers, and also the last 30 spins and the 10 most common numbers. With this you will be able to make a more informed bet on the possible outcome of the next spin and bet accordingly.

In roulette, as in any other game, the age is not an indicator of skill. Many a well known person who started young and proved his skill has made his fortune way before he reached his or her thirties.

How to Ace Pick 3

How to Ace Pick 3?

Virginia Pick 3 is one of the easiest games in the Virginia Lottery, you just have to pick three numbers and one free ball number. Virginia Pick 3 draws twice a day so there are plenty of chances to earn your price. Half the money goes to the state’s general funds, half of it goes to the cash prizes.

In order to play Pick 3 in Dewatogel you just have to select three numbers from 0 to 9 and the number should be somewhere between those numbers. You can choose any number that you want and the only restriction is that the number cannot be repeated. Suppose you select the number 456, the number can be repeated four times in this manner.

There are many more ways to win in this game. Virginia Pick 3 offers one play card that can give you a thousand dollar prize, all you have to do is to get the right 3 out of the three numbers picked. If you do that, you can also get the free ball, choose a half up to a dollar in prizes and also a quarter, all for less than a dollar.

In Virginia you can fill out the play card for free, you just have to visit the site, sign up to play and enter your chosen numbers. Once you have all of those set up, you can even send in your payment by online or over the phone. For this game it’s a good idea to choose a selection with from the low to high numbers found in the play card. If you three number selections are matched by the drawn numbers, you can go home with more than $40 in prizes.

Best way to win this game is to mix your chosen numbers. Most of the time it’s three at the low to two at the high or vice versa. If you would like to win larger prizes, disney ideal 4-out-of-5 draws, which requires you to get three matching numbers in the same order.

Smaller prizes in Virginia Pick 3 are usually won by getting just one number matched, one to five is average. However you should not forget that if you are not able to get all matching numbers, you only win the prize of the highest number matched. In addition, if you are disney which matches the last three digits, you will win more prizes than the usual Powerball.

Easy to learn and easy to win, this is the ideal game for novice players and for those who want to win easy money.

In addition, this scratch card game is available in the United States. It is played in most states in the United States except in California and Utah. In those states games are played twice a day and the tickets cost a dollar. In those states that allow the game be played at least once per week, the ticket cost $2.

The earliest scratch cards were introduced in 1974. Six years after this the cards reached the Las Vegas casinos. Initially cards had to be bought in the casino and were displayed. The ace of spades was changed to a black top. The promotions that were anted at the time were as follows: first, players were given the chance to buy cards for a particular evening or day and second, there was a specific period of time in which the cards could be purchased. Eventually the cards were put in a bundle and everyone had to purchase them.

The cards were only sold during business hours. Anyone who played them during these hours were threatened with having the cards grabbed for a price. Fortunately, there are now cards online that are available for instant purchase.

The Internet now owns a strong position in this game. There are many websites that provide the cards. At present there are about 100 websites that offer online cards. To surf the net, go to the website that you want to buy the cards from. You should sign up first or your registration may be held up. But this is the main purpose of doing an online buying. Once you have signed up, the cards should be evenly distributed.

Scratch cards are an exciting experience. But remember, the chances of winning money increase if not played according to the probability system. Good luck!

The Truth Behind Online Sports Betting - Is It Legal Or Not

The Truth Behind Online Sports Betting – Is It Legal Or Not

The ability to bet on sporting events online has been growing rapidly for the past few years. Many people enjoy going to the track and placing bets but now with the rise of the computer and internet, sports betting has become more accessible and customizable.

There are hundreds of websites designed specifically for sports betting that offer great benefits to anyone that signs up. Many of these sites are in competition with one another and are willing to offer great incentives for signing up with their services.

The truth behind sports betting is not new, many of the owners of these websites have made a lot of money off internet sports betting and the idea of expanding into the United States has been stopped by the government.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 has made the sale of online sports betting illegal and places holders in a grey area when trying to figure out if they are breaking the law or not. The law was meant to crack down on abroad websites that were selling things that were illegal in the United States but when they tried to cross the Atlantic, they just got bigger and tried to say that internet sports betting isn’t allowed. The law is fairly vague and there is a lot of arguments about whether or not it even applies to certain types of bets.

The bottom line is that the government really isn’t following the lead of internet panen138 betting companies and making it illegal. They need to up the games or risk losing influence in the American sports betting scene. Some congressmen, thinking they know what’s best for everybody, think that the internet should be rethinking its role in the American sports betting market. Representatives reflective of this think that they know how to make things happen in the sports betting world and so they think that having online sports betting companies regulate themselves is a good idea.

Unfortunately, this is the same philosophy that has turned football into a popular sport that people pick and choose the outcome of. You can place bets on any team you want at any time of the week. If the team is winning, you put money on them. If they’re losing, you take money from them.

This creates a grey area for a lot of people because they don’t really understand what’s going on. They feel that they are just cheating the system, but they’re not really. It’s just a form of communication of ideas. And unfortunately, a lot of people think that winning football bets means you need a PhD in statistics from MIT. For those people, I recommend going out and checking their local football team stat sheets for the starting players and the ones that have moved on to other teams.

The bottom line is that it takes time to make educated bets. If you let the outcome of your bets become something that’s dictated by other people, you are starting to play the odds. You need to understand probability and handicapping if you want to win. But if you want to win, you need to do a little homework to make your picks the most likely. The more confidence you build in your own power, the more quickly you’ll pick the winners.

You can never expect to win every football bet, but if you are increasing your chances of winning, you are making progress. The players are victorious for the most part, but that doesn’t mean they always win. Be patient, believe in your own decisions, and you will find the bull in the china shop.

How to Get into the World Series of Poker

How to Get into the World Series of Poker

So, you want to get into the World Series of Poker, the poker tournament of all poker tournaments. Well, the traditional way is to be well known and successful enough in the poker world to be invited. Once you get invited however, you’ll learn that a lot of the weight of the invite is placed on the criteria handed down from the performers who had the first call.

For example, famous actor James Woods once asked Phil Hellmuth, former Hollywood star and three time World Series of Poker champion, to lunch at his Grill and Blues in order to discuss the competition.

Woods began his career as a card shark and studied the art of the trade in great detail. He informed me of the rigors of playing poker and what to take into consideration to improve his hand to match the community’s hand.

Since he was a well known Hollywood actor, roleplaying was part of his training. He was aware that what combination of cards would better the dealers hand, and as a result, he was trained to hesitate about his next move. Once he had seasoned his hand, and cutting edge his play, he knew the cards well and although he took the dealers word as his arbiter, he knew when to quiver.

James Woods also revealed that when he played poker with the wealthy and famous, he mastered their poker language and code of honor. These same people he confronted while playing the game and would later threaten them with tapes of their poker hands where he could study the reactions of the players to their cards.

For non poker players, it can be easy to misread the code of honor of the game and the bluster of the man. But if you’ll look closely, you’ll see that all of these notorious poker players in their homes, their staff, and their customers, are wearing identical outfits, a double chrome tie belt buck, and ankle links.

Leaving the subject of MPO500 code of honor, I want to discuss poker for a moment and why it is important not to believe what you read on trombonesnet or some internet poker room.

First of all, we have to name the devil. Baseball is not the only sport in which the players compete for the highest ground. The game of poker has its own Nine, the way the cards are valued. When you learn poker, you learn the game’s theory behind the game and you learn poker’s rigged nature. When you read about poker in books, you’ll often find speculation and NW (no limit) bets influence the outcome of the game more than you realize.

The progressive element of the game lends itself nicely to big hands, and the odds favor big hands available in the progressive. The idea of the progressive is that the pot keeps growing until you force a showdown.

The Tainted player exception

It is my opinion that the most dangerous of players are the select few in the world who acquire their money from gambling, or from poker bonus deals. They are the dangerous ones, and they are here already. I don’t know any of them. Once they are exposed, they can lose every penny they have, but they don’t care. After all, they’re risking nothing, so it’s not like it matters where they live or how they got started, if they are continuing to multiply their risk than the few who are lucky and win and attract the attention of the select few who are risking nothing.

If you want to be a losing player in the poker game, you can’t assume that things will always be like this. Even big hands don’t always win for you, and losing players exist. They can be a great source of dilemma to those learning to play poker, but if you can’t imagine how wonderful it can be to actually win at poker, then you need to read some books and watch some videos. Then you will truly understand how fun it is to finally get it!

Choosing the Right Online Poker Room

Choosing the Right Online Poker Room

Choosing the right online poker room for yourself can be a daunting task if you are a beginning player who is not sure which site suits you best. Together, we will solve this problem and at the conclusion of this article you should be able to choose your poker room with confidence.

The first thing to look at when choosing a poker room is the overall look and feel of the software. You are going to find numerous poker software varieties on the internet today. Each has its own unique look and feel to it which is simply attractive. The Software you choose needs to have a consistency in appearance and performance. It should mimic the offline look and sound as accurately as possible.

Outside of the poker software, you will also want to consider the quantity of choices available in regards to the game variety. If your taste runs heavy into the blackjack and beyond, you want to be able to choose from several different game titles in several different movie venues. You can not have an Easy Easy life if you do not have some variety in your gaming.

Choose Your Game

Run through the various game titles on the various online poker sites one by one until you find one that best suits your taste. You will soon start to notice the differences between online and offline poker as each site is offering more than the others.

The most obvious difference is going to be the number of hole cards being dealt on each hand. While the downloaded version of the poker site game might offer the same number of hole cards, the live game offers more. You will also start to see more different combination of colors and also more rounds of betting. Live game can also offer some different payouts.

Depending on the site, some of the bonuses offered could be specific for a certain type of deposit and bonus type.ometime you might be allowed to play as a referral of another player and get a bonus of money or points, or you might be able to get a bonus just for becoming a new player.

In addition to this, you will also want to look at the different fees that are associated with the online poker sites. All poker sites have fees that are associated with them and some of them might have very high fees and bad design, while others are much more reasonable. Depending on the pokerrepublik site, you should also consider the side games and other non-poker related items that are offered in addition to poker.

Every one of these poker sites is going to have the different benefits and drawbacks associated with them, so you need to make sure that you evaluate each one of them very carefully before making a purchase. Hopefully this article will assist you in choosing the best online poker room for you and help you avoid some of the problems that I mentioned previously. Good luck and don’t overspend!

Online Poker Rules

Online Poker Rules

We are seeing increasing number of new casino sites and poker rooms emerging in online. Poker is a game which has become very popular among online players in most of the online casinos. Poker is a game which demands maximum skill and some might think its charm is only based on its simplicity. But truth be told, poker which involves higher stakes and large amount of skill takes years of practice. There are very many new poker players who land in casinos every day with just a word and in a few hours they turn into poker players who win big money.

In order to become a successful poker player and make a living out of online casino gambling, you need to have a good strategy for playing. Almost all of poker rooms have their specific rules. Before you start playing, you need to know the rules of the game and also the particular feature of the poker room where you want to participate. You need to be a certain age in order to start playing.

A good online poker guide will provide you with complete information onpoker rulesand also provides a description of the various forms of poker you can play. Not only this, it also describes the various levels of playing for different stakes. Each of these forms of poker has its own advantages and disadvantages and you need to know about the limits and betting policies of the game in order to make the right decision about playing or not to play poker.

If you take poker as a game and you want to make money from it then you need to know about online casino gambling and poker rules in particular. You need to be sure about what your expectations are and what to do about it.

As the years have passed, the number of poker rooms has increased dramatically and it is now more difficult to choose a poker room that best suits you. Before joining a poker room, you need to know the expectations of the other players and even the owners of the poker room. Sometimes, there might be a lot of players who have no idea about poker rules and how it is played. Most of the time, these players can still take part in the game and can win or lose money.

It is important to play in pokerace99 rooms which are easier to win in and also where there are more players. The more players, the more you can win. Another reason to join a poker site is that the poker room will attract more expensive players. The more expensive the players are, the more you can win.

In other words, if you play in a poker site where there are a lot of new players, you can win a lot of money. But, if you play in a poker site where most players are experts, you can still win money, but with much less wins.

To have a more thrilling experience as a poker player, check out those websites which offer freerolls for the players. Freerolls are tournaments in which the players don’t need to invest any kind of money. Also, you don’t need to invest any time in learning the poker rules either.

How to Spot Poker Players

How to Spot Poker Players

A poker tell is any physical reaction, behavior, habit or even a clue that gives away information about the hand the player is holding. For example, if you watched John Morrison’s trip on the last episode of High Stakes Poker you might have observed that he kept his chips in his cowboy hat or his pocket. This small gesture could mean many things.

Check out the poker tellschatting habits of your opponents. John regularly asks questions of his opponents through his questions and thus clues to his hands. You can also spot habits like this among other players. However, the best poker players learn to use their chips as weapons and win the money in the long run.

Apart from great reads on your opponents, great poker players can also fake their hands. Bluffing is a very important aspect of poker. Players need to vary their poker styles and hence their poker hands. For example, a player should also vary the hands that he plays. This will add variety in his game. Players should also know when to bluff and when not to bluff.

There are poker tells that can indicate a bigger card, a strong hand, a hidden card, a feeling of weakness, a bluff, etc. Thus, you should be aware of the tells that can help you gain an edge over your opponents. The best way to win is to read hands, signals, actions and betting patterns. After all, the player who knows what the other player has is the one who will win in the long run.

How to spot poker tells?The best place to start is to watch the players’ betting patterns. Bet with a variety of hands. Mix your game up and bet with hands that are unusual or stronger than usual. This way, the other players will not be able to sort your hands from your betting patterns. Also, be aware that a tell may be easily missed. If you spot a tell, take note of that tell. As your practice, you will be able to spot the other players’ mannerisms and hand behaviors to determine whether you are opponents are actually bluffing or are strong cards.

How to play dominobet online? The number of poker tells is enhanced with the availability of online poker. You can keep a poker face with aroupier acting as a digital pal, but the action is done in front of a full poker table. Since you are playing through a video game, some of these psychological phenomena are more applicable. Watch for the pokers eye in the online poker game. If you are winning a lot, some players may begin to whistle, monkey around with their chips, or otherwise recognize signs that you are bluffing. If you do not want this kind of attention, do not put your sign or buttons down. Click away from the table when you are needed.

Conclusion: There are more tells in poker than most players realize. The top poker players in the world may not win every hand, but they know how to spot a bluff or a good hand by their opponent’s reaction. By knowing the tells of poker, you can increase your odds of winning poker hands.

How to Become a Pro Football Player

How to Become a Pro Football Player

Anyone who has ever played poker for any amount of time knows how fickle Lady Luck can be. You peek at the cards your opponent is holding, and you see a three of a kind. Rogue. Or a full house. Certainly, you’ve won a few hands, and certainly you have experienced Lady Luck’s wrath on your poker account, but glimpse just a few moments and see a different story.

Back in 1998, I was a regular player at the casino on el Embarro, in Punta del Este, Argentina. I played primarily at the gaming tables, doing some arbitrage type of things. I was a Billiard ball player, and specialized in the 8 or 9 point games. I played mostly single decks, because the ones on theousel felt better to me. Or so I thought…

After playing a bit, I had become rather proficient at counting cards, and I began to suspect a big part of my success at the table was due to something called, “word association.” I began to associate certain words, for example, “ball” with a hard edge, “ferret” with a soft spot, and “sow” with a high card. I was absolutely certain these were precisely the hands I needed to step up and dominate the table.

I was not prepared for the heavy drop in my bankroll when I began to Vegan my account. For days I would log onto my favorite fantasy football league, drop my bankroll down to $10.00 and despair. Then I would start the next day, and continue to Vegan my bankroll to only $5.00. Then, the day after the weekend, I go weeks between Veganing and Veganing. This process took place for about 6 months. Every time I Vegan, I lost 5.00 bucks on the NFL season. During this time, I was still flying by the seat of my pants. begging the question: “How can you go from being a Pro Football handicapper to a broke college student”?

I tried to justify to myself that it was all part of theerella system, and that the more I paid attention to the system, the more it would work for me. Then, an idea occurs to me. Why don’t we re-evaluate the way we are marketing the picks that we give out? We can’t afford to continually drop our line of attack. We must push the “line” in our favor. If we are serious about being FOSS, why shouldn’t we do it? We have to earn our living, and FOSS (fair or un-fair) is a part of that equation. Maybe we could pocket 10 bucks or so by playing red wALA, but we lose more than that when we lose. Why not give our subscribers the opportunity to not only pick the winners, but actually come out ahead?

I progressed the “Red Zone Strategy” from an experiment in one day to an all day phenomenon. On days that I don’t have the time to write a book, the players at my disposal enable me to perform magic with their poker. They post their blinds, I take the pot down the middle. I get greedy with the players that I go head to head with, and I caller out bottom pair to the river. Simply put, I am not playing the game the right way; however, by allowing my players to knock each other out, I am able to pick up the blinds and antes… slowly, but surely… like so many other Pokers.

Now, a word about “The Afapoker” – eventually, you have to fold that hand, or at the very least reduce the stakes as to not unduly influence my play. I originally developed the Red Zone Strategy for ring games, and moved the strategy to online play. Due to some server outages during the late 80’s and early 90’s, the strategy took on a different form and focused more on out of position play, in particular the later stages of a tournament. I credit this strategy for much of my later success (online and in live play) and it should be at the core of your poker strategy.

The objective of the strategy is to see the flop as inexpensively as possible; in other words, as cheaply as is possible. We are looking to make as many other players errors with their hands as possible. It takes a lot of discipline to do this, because it is easy to see that the other player will make a big mistake; however, the error can be minimized. The first error guideline is that the player should have a minimum of 2 legit outs. It takes a lot of discipline to play while many of your opponents are stuck in a losing hand.